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Blu (Masculine scent) Luxe body oil

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Bold, Strong and entrancing notes of citrus, Bamboo, amber and patchouli. All come together to make way for the perfect whiff of the man who just stepped into the room. Sharp, charismatic yet sweet and charming;  this scent is the perfect gentlemen. 


About this product:  Our Nourishing Body oil is lightweight blend of Jojoba, Almond, Grape seed oil and Vitamin E strengthens the skin's natural protection mechanisms and protects against damaging environmental influences. A consciously produced oil suited for all skin types.

Size: 4  fl oz 

Ingredients: Jojoba. Almond. Grape seed. Vitamin E,  Fragrance oil, rose buds and gold flakes. 


How to use: Apply the oil generously all over the body during or after showering. Best  used on body only. Don't use on Face, highly sensitive area or broken skin. 


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Chad Childs

Love the smell of the fragrance!